More cancellations / postponed concerts

Cultural events are prohibited in Norway until June 15, and we therefore cancel all scheduled concerts during the period. However, it does not completely silence us - follow here on the website and in social media for digital experiences.

Previously, we announced that we had to cancel all our concerts in April, but now we have to extend this period.

Due to the demanding situation due to covid-19, all the country’s cultural institutions are forced to close their doors until 15 June.

We must therefore inform you that we are canceling or postponing all our scheduled concerts for this period. This applies to all venues including the regular lunch concerts on Fridays in Tromsø Kulturhus and the Stormen concert hall.

Some of these concerts will be set up at a later date, but it is still too early to say anything about the timing of these and which ones apply.

We are waiting for further information from the authorities concerning refunds.

– In this context, the most important thing for us is to think about the health – and safety of the public – and our employees, and we therefore choose to cancel/postpone the concerts we had planned to organize this week and next so not to expose people to infection risk in a challenging and an incomprehensible situation for the society, says CEO Tor Lægreid in the Arctic Philharmonic.

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