sangeren Maria Forsström

Gustav Mahler – Songs of a Wayfarer

Maria Forsström with our Sinfonietta

Gustav Mahler had deep love grief when he composed Lieder Eines Fahrenden Gesellen, in English named Songs of a Wayfarer. He wrote both the text and the music himself, based on his unhappy love with the soprano Johanna Richter.

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This song cycle was originally written for voice and piano, but the composer later arranged it for voice and symphony orchestra. Later Arnold Schönberg arranged it for voice and a small orchestra, and this is the version you will hear in this concert.

The soloist is Swedish mezzo-soprano Maria Forsström, who is well-known for her interpretations of songs by Mahler. She is a versatile singer, and she sings everything from chamber music to opera, baroque and romantic music. Her voice is compared to Kirsten Flagstad and Birgit Nilsson.

In this concert you will also hear Anton Webern’s Passacaglia and Alexander Zemlinsky’s Sinfonietta.

Alexander Zemlinsky composed his Sinfonietta in 1934, commissioned by Universal Edition publishers. His musical style is close to Gustav Mahler’s late romantic music, and a complete opposite to Schönberg’s new style from the 1920’s.

Anton Webern’s Passacaglia from 1908 is also stylistically related to Mahler’s late works. The work is tonal but compared to traditional harmonization the main key of d-minor is challenged a lot.

The conductor is Kalle Kuusava from Finland.

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