Eldbjørg Hemmsing på vidde

Schubert, Schnittke and Nordheim

Hemsing with the Arctic Philharmonic

Our good friend Eldbjørg Hemsing will be back to play together with us in Bodø, with conductor Christoph-Mathias Mueller.

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Eldbjørg Hemsing is one of Norway’s most well known violinists and she has visited us several times before, both in Bodø, Tromsø and on Svalbard, and every time it is a great experience.

Eldbjørg will be playing Schnittke’s Quasi Una Sonata. Schnittke was inspired both by new and old music, and in his music, we can hear elements from composers such as Mozart, Schubert and Shostakovich.

Schubert’s 5th Symphony is also on the programme, a symphony he composed when he was only 19 years old. This symphony is clearly inspired by Mozart and the classical era. At this time, it was usual that composers ignored Beethoven and his symphonies and looked further back for inspiration.

There is also room for a Norwegian piece in this concert, Arne Northeim’s Nachruf from 1975.

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