Kornstad & Angelico

Two tenors and a mezzo-soprano

What do you do when you are one of Norway’s leading jazz saxophonists – and an opera singer?

Dates and tickets

At age 32, one of Norway’s leading jazz saxophonists, Håkon Kornstad, was in New York to play when felt he needed a new direction or challenge. He paid a visit to the Metropolitan Opera and that changed everything.

He went home and applied to The Academy of Opera School in Oslo, gained admission and graduated in 2014. Kornstad now has more training in opera than jazz and is in the process of creating a completely distinctive expression.

On stage in Bodø, he will play tenor saxophone and use his tenor voice in opera bravura as well as more restrained songs. In addition to the Arctic Philharmonic, Kornstad will be joined by our friend and wonderful mezzo-soprano Adrian Angelico, who many will remember from our production of the opera Adriane auf Naxos in 2017 and Sommernachspiel (Summer Afterparty) at Bodøsjøen in August 2019.

We can promise you a concert you will love. Don’t miss this one.

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