Amalie Stalheim med cello i norsk natur

Kraggerud Invites Amalie Stalheim

Beethoven, Telemann and Sallinen

Don Quixote’s battles against windmills occur again and again in art, either as an inspiration or at a more personal level for the artist. At this concert we will experience both.

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As a mix of literary and social satire, absurd comedy and deep psychological insight, the story of Don Quixote’s battles against all dangers has inspired authors from Dostoevsky to Salman Rushdie and John Irving. Maybe we can say that the battles are as important today, as ever.

Georg Philipp Telemann’s Burlesque de Quixotte and Aulis Salinen’s Nocturnal Dances of Don Juanquixote both find their inspiration from the stories of “The Knight of the Sorrowful Countenance”. With inspiration from literature, these are playful works with both humour and seriousness.

Salinen’s title is also a fusion of Don Quixote and Don Juan. A great combination! Amalie Stalheim, one of Scandinavia’s most promising musicians, will be the soloist.

Beethoven’s life was not always at its happiest. He experienced a violent childhood, and this made him evasive and rebellious. These battles of his childhood made his life amongst the aristocrats in Vienna difficult. We find this in his music, where he challenges everything that we have heard earlier in the history of music. We will hear his String Quartet no. 4.

The quartet was finished in 1800 and belongs to the period which musically looks back to Mozart and Haydn. Beethoven challenges the form of the genre, in that f. ex it doesn’t have the usual slow movement, but a more rhythmic and lively movement. This is the start of Beethoven’s revolutionary career.

Cellist Amalie Stalheim has played with many orchestras in Norway and Sweden. In 2021 she won the Norwegian Soloists Prize and in 2018, she won the same prize in Sweden. She has also won several other awards, both in Scandinavia and internationally. From 2018-2022 Stalheim was “artist in residence” at the Swedish Radio’s music channel P2. She plays a cello from 1687, built by F. Ruggieri. It is on generous loan from Anders Sveaas Allmennyttige Fond.

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