Henning Kraggerud and the Chamber Orchestra

Mozart: Symphony no. 29

Mozart wrote his 29th symphony in 1774, when he was 18 years old.

The chamber orchestra is looking forward to playing this symphony as well as music by other composers such as Clara Schumann, Emilie Mayer, Fritz Kreisler and Maria Theresia von Paradis.

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Mozart’s 29th symphony is looked upon as one of his most beautiful early symphonies. It was written at a time when the symphony was not the main work in a concert, but the orchestra used it to warm up to the more important pieces, coming afterwards. This symphony has four movements which was quite new at the time it was written. This shows that Mozart was ahead of his time. He loved this symphony and had it performed as often as possible.


Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann (1819-1896) was a wonderful pianist and composer. She was married to Robert Schumann and through her piano playing she made his music well-known to the public. Robert was not a fan of Clara’s compositions. He thought that she should compose more like him.

Later Robert got ill and moved into an institution. At this point Johannes Brahms moved in with Clara and her children. Clara’s life as a composer was not easy, because her compositions received poor reviews, purely because she was a woman.


At this concert Clara Schumann’s music will be performed at both the beginning and the end of the concert. First her Romance no. 1 in an arrangement for chamber orchestra by Bernt Simen Lund and Henning Kraggerud, and at the end Romance no. 2.









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