Mozart Symphony no. 35

+ Glorvigen and Sørensen

Conductor Arvid Engegård brings three soloists with him for this concert with music by Mozart, Per Arne Glorvigen and Bent Sørensen.

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Per Arne Glorvigen, who plays the bandoneon, and violinist Miriam Helms Ålien will play the commissioned work Dying Fallings of Sweet Airs by Danish composer Bent Sørensen.

Glorvigen is one of his generation’s most important bandoneon musicians. He is mostly known for playing tango music, but has developed the repertoire of the bandoneon to genres such as baroque, pop and contemporary music. At this concert we will hear a combination of these as well as several pieces composed by Glorvigen himself.

You will also hear the orchestra’s pianist Yegor Shevtsov play on our brand-new cembalo. He will be the soloist in Bach’s Concerto for Cembalo, no. 5. The concert will finish with Mozart’s Symphony no. 35.

From Background Music to Symphony

The story behind Mozart’s Symphony no. 35 is special. The Haffner family were one of the most prominent families in Salzburg at the time. They also financed some of Mozart’s earliest tours.

The symphony was commissioned for the knighting of Mozart’s childhood friend, Sigmund Haffner Jr. Originally it was supposed to be a serenade which was going to be played in the background at this occasion. The work was commissioned during a busy period of Mozart’s career. It was his father, Leopold Mozart who convinced him to take the commission.

Because Mozart was annoyed, he gave the score in two days late on purpose. Nobody knows if the work was used for the knighting. Leopold didn’t like this. Mozart later wanted the score back from his father, but he didn’t get it for three months.

When he finally got the score back, he was surprised that it was so good, and he couldn’t believe that he had written it himself. He made the serenade into a symphony by removing some parts. He added some flutes and clarinets which he had access to through the orchestra in Vienna. Today it is known as Symphony no.35 “Haffner”.

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