Mozart’s Requiem

A beautiful masterpiece

Peculiar circumstances surround the making of this masterpiece, and the fact that the composer himself never ended the work before he died makes Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Requiem perhaps the most discussed work in music history.

Dates and tickets

A mysterious man turns up at Mozart’s house, ordering a death mass from an anonymous person. At the time Mozart is dying and this is terrifying and confusing for him. He might have thought he was cursed and was writing his own death mass. The mass was finished by Mozart’s pupil Süssmayer on instruction from Mozart before he died. Today we know that it was count Franz von Wazlsegg-Stuppach who ordered the mass in honour of his dead wife.

In Bodø Cathedral we will hear the Arctic Philharmonic together with a choir of boys with singers from the whole of Norway, and conductor Øystein Jæger.

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