Dame som spiller cello i orkester.

The concervatory & Arctic Philharmonic

Classical interaction

Talented students from the music concervatory in Tromsø joins forces with the Arctic Philharmonic.

Dates and tickets

The long going collaboration between the Music Concervatory in Tromsø and the Arctic Philharmonic is important for both institutions. Students and professionals are seated side by side whilst diving in to the classical orchestral repertoire.

At this concert you will hear Mendelssohn, Caplet and Beethoven, but first and foremost the piece A walk to Beethoven by Britta Byström. The piece is written specially for the Arctic Philharmonic and is inspired by Beethovens 7th Symphony. The piece is ment as an introduction – that leads to Beethoven

The conductor tonight is Garrett Keast. He started his career as Associated Conductor at the New York Opera. Since moving to Europe he has worked at Opera Houses in Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Baden-Baden. He has also conducted orchestras across Europe, including sevral Danish orchestras.


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